Where’s the social support? (Findings, part VII)

Sarah relates to Peggy’s situation.  She appreciates the support that others offer her, but “it‟s not the kind I need,” she tells me.

Sarah describes, “People say to me, ‘Oh, you‟re so lucky to be alive. You must be so grateful.’ I am grateful – don’t get me wrong – but I‟m still not the person I used to be.

“People don’t really give me the right support because they don’t know what I’ve been through.  They hear how I survived the car accident and tell me how lucky I am. Well what about the rest of it?  What about the living with the repercussions, the day-to-day shit fest, how I’m not who I was before?”

Sarah‟s account demonstrates brain injury survivors’ need for a social support that’s unique to the individual. There are so many different types of brain injuries, with varying levels of recovery both physically and emotionally for each one.

Survivors need social support suited to their individual situations. We need social support suited to our individual situations.


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