But why is it so Pinteresting?

I’ve finally given in to Pinterest. I realize I’m a year or two (or three or four) behind this social media craze, but I guess that’s how I like to be. I think sometimes the more popular something gets, the more I want to not be associated with it. Is that bad? I want to lie it, but I want to like it in my own way. ENFP problems.

kelseywiechert-1420910908_140It’s like with books. Don’t even get me started on books. (Another time get me started on books.)

For a long time I’ve had my own system of doing what Pinterest does – exploring and filing things you like for later use – so why go through all the trouble of changing my system, especially if everyone else is doing it?

Well, I’m caving. My sister is having a baby (YAYYY!!!), and she likes Pinterest. I’m throwing the baby shower, and I want my sister – and the baby! – to love it.

So does anyone want to tell me why Pinterest is so, well, Pinteresting? Haha why don’t I still get it?!

Oh, and this is me.^^


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