Why am I here? (Me in a nutshell)

Without getting into the philosophical (and existential and personal) entanglements this question provokes, I’m here on this blog because I’ve got a narrative to share. I mean, really, everybody has a narrative to share.
Our narratives are our identities, and they’re composed of hundreds of stories. Good stories, bad stories, sad, awful, and beautiful stories. I’m guessing you have stories for each of these categories. So do I.
Here’s a little outline of my life so far – stories that have played a part in my unfolding narrative, and I’m hoping to share more of them with you through this blog.
Pre-July 2001:
Fairly “normal” childhood, one that I look back at with fond memories.
July 11, 2001:
AVM brain injury. Paralysis on the left side of my body and double-vision in my eyes. Lucky to be alive.
A world of hurt. Thankful for my family and to be alive, mixed with being completely lost, abandoned by friends, struggling to know who I am. Anybody else feel like high school is just the worst?
The fun college years. Experiencing acceptance and love from friends for the first time. Still unsure of my identity, insecure from the AVM.
In the hospital for multiple pulmonary emboli (PE), pneumonia, mono. Complicated procedures and treatment because of the AVM. Finding out I also have a blood-clotting disorder (Factor IV Leiden). Lucky to be alive. Again.
A pretty good year. Grad school.
Early 2014:
Family tragedy. Sorrow and the deepest grief I have ever felt. Deeper than the sadness I experienced having no friends for eight years or even suffering the brain injury.
Self-discovery, self-forgiveness. Understanding my brain injury as part of who and how I am, but  not what I am. Trying to remember that every day.
A lot’s happened to me for my tender twenty-something age, but I’d like to think the positive has outweighed the negative.
More to come – thanks for stopping by!

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